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Welcome to InBuilding magazine! We are the single-source print and digital forum for exploring the ongoing and exciting paradigm shift in the real estate market and within local government. This shift embraces in-building wireless connectivity, intelligent building solutions for existing and new portfolios, and mission-critical data storage and dissemination. We profile the leading real estate companies along with bleeding-edge firms that are engaged in wireless, digital building and infrastructure to achieve the most value for property owners.

InBuilding addresses the needs of today’s commercial and residential tenants and explains the best practices required to attract and retain them. With this new generation of real estate technologies, facilities infrastructure and connectivity require a holistic approach to integrate “intelligent” and wired/wireless solutions. InBuilding magazine embraces that approach, and is at the forefront of highlighting end-user experiences, new business ideations and workforce innovations, and in inviting the new players in these groundbreaking ecosystems to tell their stories. We’re excited you can join us!

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